Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Seoul Day 8: FOOD 음식 eumsik

Oh no! Today is my final day in Seoul! I don't want to leave!

Here is Jessie and I am saying my goodbyes as I am sure I won't see her again today. Thanks Jessie for the stay in your lovely place. You are a superb and excellent host! And isn't she pretty?

My flight is at 11:50pm tonight and so I still have some time to hang around Seoul before I leave. 

Jessie advised me to take the bus to the airport from the regular bus stop just outside the main road but I wasn't too sure about that. I thought the best way would be the trains or a taxi like back at home. 

I am to spend the day with 선영 Sun Yeong today and so I got out a bit early in the morning, and as I walked out to the main road where the bus stop is, I saw some people waiting with a lot of luggage. I had some time and so I walked over and sat down at the bus stop.

My KakaoMap app tells me that the bus should be arriving in 6 minutes. Oh good, I get to take a look. The bus was slightly late and when it arrived, the driver actually got down to open the luggage door at the side and helped put all the luggages in. Wow...I never expected that and here I am worried about how I am going to lift my heavy bag up the bus. 

Turns out that this is the Airport Limousine Bus that has four or more lines running across the city arriving at each stop every 15 minutes. I am impressed. 

So with that worry settled, I continue to sit and chill at the bus stop and took a shot for memory: the place where I go back to every day for past 7 days.

There were some misunderstanding about out meet-up place but finally 선영 and I met and we went down the road to 이화 Ewha for lunch. The odd thing is that every place she wanted to bring me was closed. 

We then settled for 치맥 chimaek, chicken and beer! Finally I get to eat it in Seoul.

You must be wondering why is that I talk so much about 선영 here and in Day 4 but I don't have a single picture of her. Well, it's her request not to have her picture posted and I have to respect that. Just so you know.

After lunch, we decided to ditch 이화 Ewha which proves to be too quiet on a New Year's Day--Happy New Year!!!--and go to 명동 Myeongdong.

To save time, since time is precious for me today, we took a taxi and arrived here at the Myeongdong Cathedral. 

The Korean people are quite open to talk about their faith and they would freely approach you with some gospel tracks. They didn't today but what happened was these three people arguing very loudly at the roadside about their beliefs. 

선영 was quite aghast to see and hear it and she told me this is what she dislikes about some Koreans.

We walked up to the church and we saw many people going in and we thought we'd check it out, only to find that there might be a service that is starting soon...

...and so we left.

Doesn't the church looks so grand. Hmm, but 선영 missed the most important part of the structure, the cross! Haha.

We then walked down to the streets and here we go: my first visit the to famous Myeongdong shopping street. What's in store for me?

Candied strawberries!!! It was 선영 who wanted to try it out and so we bought a stick and shared it. It was really good but I have a feeling I'm going to have a max out on sugar today! Oh no...

But the strawberries are good. The honeyed covering is very sticky and satisfying, and when it melts in your mouth and you bite into the strawberry, it's a different softer texture but it bursts out with a lighter taste compared to the honey. It's something you have to try once in your life...if you don't already have diabetes that is. Don't...

We walked passed a few earrings shops like this with a very nice way of presenting the earrings in wooden boxed up walls. 

The streets were busy...

...and we had some egg buns...

...but just a photo of grilled squids.

Then we saw this. 

It is not stated in the limited English on the signs but 선영 said that this is 한우 Hanwoo beef as stated here in the sign: 우리소 한우 Uriso Hanwoo.

She asked me if I would like to try and I said without any hesitation, of course!

If you check it out in Wikipedia, "The Hanwoo (Korean: 한우), also Hanu, is a breed of small cattle native to Korea. This breed is raised mainly for meat and is the source of Hanwoo beef, one of the most rare and expensive meats in the world."

I had to ask if it is really 한우 beef for just ₩7,000. 선영 asked the seller and he said yes. 

Okay, I'm going to take his word for it. And it is really good. Tender and juicy to the bite. I'm happy.

Then we walked past this and 선영 said that this is 시계 sikkyae, a rice drink and the white bits in there are not maggots like what some people thought they were but rice. Eeew...I hate maggots and worms or anything wriggly at that but I didn't want to think about, bought a cup and it was delicious. 

You know I said I will max out on my sugar today? I was tempted to get the tallest ice cream cone and it eat now in winter but I didn't. Wish I did.

We then stopped by a very nice teahouse 오설록 Osulloc, which serves tea from Jeju Island. The lovely thing about this cafe is that it has a tall station of free Green Tea Latte for you to taste. And five pots of gourmet tea for you to test out, which we did, a lot! Haha.

Then we sat down and ordered a bowl of green tea 빙수 bingsu, shaved ice. 

We also have been going into several beauty products shops. I didn't think to take photos in the shops, but this is my loot.

I bought a Nature Republic lip tint, a Laneige lip sleeping mask, a Tiny Moly peach hand cream, a Tiny Moly banana hand milk, and I was given some samples from the stores we visited. Not a lot but I'm happy with it. 

Finally we have to say our goodbyes. 잘가요 선영. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend and host. Will miss you so, so much! 

For the word of the day, at first I picked the word shopping but then FOOD 음식 eumsik would however be a much better choice, don't you think?

I got back and gathered all my luggage and headed to the bus stop and waited. The street is quite empty today. 

I got on the limousine bus and arrived in no time to Incheon Airport. 

I found the right line and lined up...

...and lined up and lined up and by the time I got to sit down after all the checking in and security checks and immigration... was two long hours. 

But all is in order, I boarded but I waited until almost all have got on before I got into the line. It was so much faster. I got in, put my bag in the luggage space and within 10 minutes, it's already taxiing to fly. 

안녕 서울. 또 보자! Annyeong Seoul. Ddo boja!
Goodbye Seoul. See you again!


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