Monday, January 27, 2020

Where's the hook?

In the recent music workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago, one of the electives I attended was song writing.

I picked this because I wanted to attend something new, something I have not ventured in before. 

Though I did co-write two songs, both wedding songs, which were presented during the weddings but they are now lost and forgotten. 

Anyway, I found the session very interesting and there is this one thing I learnt that I keep trying to look out for in the songs that I now listen to.

It's the hook.

Any good song has one. A hook is the x-factor of a song: a melodic, rhythmic or harmonic phrase that adds a particular interest to the song. It's the part that makes the song stand out. 

Apple Music had this new song in my playlist recently and as I listened to it...there! that's the hook! 

Do you hear it?


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