Monday, February 10, 2020

Why I had to watch 1917

I don't do crazy things on a Monday but I just came back home late after watching the movie 1917.

It was such an experience that it will be worth a few blogposts.

For one, I only heard about it after it has been Oscar-nominated in the Best Movie category along with a few others, including Parasite. And as I took notice of the media after the nomination, it was touted to be the only strong competitor of Parasite.

I knew then I have to watch it. But I don't like war movies. 

About Parasite, I was expecting it to win. I felt that after all the attention it was getting, it has to win Best Movie or the Oscars will have a lot to answer to, for sidelining another excellent but non-English movie. 

Yes, I was expecting Parasite to win. But I was also afraid that it might not. 

It did!

It was then that, war movie or not, I really have to watch 1917 to now decide for myself if Parasite really deserve to win. 


Sorry it will have to wait. I will post a review--as soon as I can wrap my head around it.


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