Sunday, February 09, 2020

What happened to the ebook revolution?

I read this article today: What happened to the ebook revolution?

And I thought it was interesting to note that about 10 years ago, around the same time when I picked up on my reading again, experts have confidently said that, "in the dim and distant future of 2020, print books will be largely relegated to the role of decorative shelf fillers, and we would all have a personal pocket electronic library."

And this comic from the year 2010 certainly alludes to that. 

But the article says that it's not quite the way it turned out. 

I can attest to it that the Gen Z loves reading print books. I had a hard time convincing my son to go electronic. He prefers the print version and would drag me to Kinokuniya to get him the books he wants. 

Apparently, only 20% of book sales are electronic and the main users of e-readers are the Gen-Z's parents and even grandparents. 

I know the statistics would be different for us here in Malaysia (don't even get me started on the extremely low percentage of readers here, let alone electronic or otherwise) but it looks like it applies to me. 

As much as I rather not admit it, this library of mine has become decorative.

And this is where my entire library is displayed now: in Goodreads

Yeah...another decorative library but virtual. Except that I do post book reviews there once in awhile. However, it's not my complete library because I don't add the ebooks I buy until I have finished reading them. 

And I have not been reading all that I have purchased. I still have the habit of buying books but not reading them!

At the last count, I probably have 1700 books and if I can read 30 in a year--that is a comfortable number for me--it will take me 57 years to complete.

That is provided I can live that long and if I can stop buying books. Both of which I can't.

Anyway, my son has a Kindle now but I'm sure he still buys print books from Amazon once in awhile. 


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