Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Is catfish safe to eat?

I have been having fried catfish for lunch quite frequently lately. However, I have been having the feeling that catfish may not be so safe to eat.

This was when I found this article quite interesting. 

My biggest worry is the fact that catfish are bottom-feeders. But the article pointed out that when it comes to bottom-feeders, so are lobsters. Well, that's true.

Some say that catfish has a lot of the unfavourable Omega-6 fat. But I'm reading mixed reports on whether it is good or bad. I still don't know. 

But what is indeed more worrying is the level of toxins in the forms of mercury and PCB especially in farmed fish, which I am sure where the ones I ate came from.

So, I probably won't eat it as much now. 

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