Thursday, March 26, 2020

Our current craze over vacuum cleaners

My friend Melissa and I started a conversation today about vacuum cleaners. 

I haven't done much research on it but I do know I needed one. 

I got to know about the Dyson vacuum cleaners couple of years ago and even seen it being used in dramas. I wished I had one but with the price range between RM2000 and RM5000, it's not something I can part money for. 

But Melissa did her homework and told me about Xiaomi's Dreame vacuum cleaners that are comparable to Dyson's ones. 

And so off I went to Lazada to check it out and I found this:

I had planned to go to Giant--the only nearby store that is opened right now--to the electrical section, to get an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

But since the Xiaomi model is a Dyson equivalent, I happily dished out RM650 for one. 

This is the result of working from home and needing better tools to clean the house. 


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