Monday, March 09, 2020

It's the simple things that make us happy

7-11 is currently giving away Hello Kitty Career Plates if you collect enough stickers when you make your purchases there.

I didn't buy anything from 7-11 but I was given one by someone. 

On first look, the first thing I asked was what in the world is a career plate?

I flipped over the package and ahhh...plastic plates that feature different careers.

Being a Human Resource practitioner, I started quipping--I know what a Career Plan is but a Career Plate?!

I opened mine and I got the sailor one. My colleague exclaimed that she likes it.

She opened hers and got the e-gamer one, and I told her I like it. 

I asked her, shall we swap? 

She quickly took hers and handed it to me. 

Haha...really, the little things that make us happy.


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