Saturday, March 07, 2020

What to do when I banned TV? Webtoons!!!

Now that I have limited my TV to only when I am on my stationary bike, on days like today when I do not feel like reading anything serious, I have found webtoons to be a nice thing to get into, and be engulfed in good art and great stories.

Fine, you may say this is mainly for kids but I must say some of the art is so good that I am beginning to wish I could draw like that. 

The plots and stories are quite riveting as well. Not too complicated. But interesting enough to keep you reading. 

There are several platforms out there for blooming webtoonists to venture into. From what I have read, they are open for anyone to publish their work freely and free of charge. 

When you have gained your ground and attracted a good number of fans, you can be invited to be their feature artist and earn a monthly fee of about $2000 and then more from contributions from readers and fans. 

And even if you do not become a feature artist and get paid monthly, you may still receive funds from your fans through Patreon.

Alas, I couldn't even draw a straight line or a decent looking circle.

Here are a few styles of webcomics in Which would you pick?

I prefer the ones closer to reality and if I were to pick just one, it would be this:

How about you?


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