Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Work From Home Day 1

For someone who does not prefer to work from home but having no choice about it, Work From Home Day 1 went on surprisingly quite well.

I was wondering where in my house should I work in. I refused to use the sofa, which I usually do when I do some work at home sometimes, and thought the table behind my sofa would be perfect. 

It was good except I am not used to sitting on that chair for hours on end. I realised I had to get up and walk around once in awhile.

Our team had a virtual meeting that lasted for two hours, all because we didn't have anyone chasing us out of the meeting room that we would have booked for one and a half hours!

Therefore, I made a point to have a time keeper for our next meeting.

So what did I do to make it work for me? 

1. Dress for work. I am a notch more casual than what I would usually wear to work but at least I dressed up.

2. Don't work from bed or from the sofa. I set it up with a table and chair as close as what I have in my office. My only problem is that I am sharing the space with my husband. We kept invading each other's space in the sounds that we make and the TV he watches. It's learning to be patient and not snap at each other so readily. 

3. Maintain my normal hours of work. This is most important. I can be someone who would work late into the hours if I get into the zone. At least when I'm in the office, I leave when it's time to leave. There will always be more work tomorrow. But when I'm working at home, there's no "leaving". But if I keep to the hours, I will tell myself to stop. 

4. Follow my calendar closely and record what I do from hour to hour. I am a go-with-the-flow kind of person and I need to make sure I don't go down a rabbit hole and forget to come back up. At least when I'm at work, my team will walk over and start discussing with me pulling me out of my hole if I'm ever in one. 

5. Have frequent check-ins with the team. We have no problems communicating in the office since my team and I sit in a row and we'd just start talking to each other without any barriers. But now we don't see each other any more. So we use Microsoft Teams to chat just like we do in the office but then we don't say as much, since texts are always short. But we did have a team video conference meeting that almost felt like we were all in the same room.

So this is Day 1. I just shut down my computer, took a shower and got into my pajamas. 

So far so good. Now onto Day 2.


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