Tuesday, April 07, 2020

My big blob of water blister

The blister I have on my finger now isn't so bad but I have never had one this bad.

The entire scalded section of my finger is now a water blister. 

I'll save you from the sight of it. 

I googled and found out that water blisters are fluid-filled sacs on the skin and they are formed when when the outer layer of the skin is damaged and the body sends blood to heal and cool the injured area. 

The blood sent is in the form of blood serum without clotting agents or blood cells. Ah, that why it's not red but clear fluid.

These serum sacs serve as protective pads with the outer layer of skin protecting the wound from infection, while new skin is being formed underneath and the fluid absorbed. 

Aren't our body is so amazing in self-healing itself?

Though most times it cannot.

And it is now top most in our responsibility and priority not only to protect ourselves but to protect others by social distancing ourselves.


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