My new home office

Friday, April 17, 2020

Finally! I cleared up the clutter in my library and I now have my new home office.


I was using a small table and dining room chair downstairs and I keep getting backaches and stiff neck because of it. 

So I gathered the energy to clear the clutter and set up office in my library. 

It's not ideal since I'll be using a sofa with a regular table. My hands may suffer. 

And it would be much warmer in the daytime. I wish I had central air-conditioning for my whole house. Don't we all.

I hope this will work.


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3 comment(s)

  1. Your home office looking well organized. You have proper storage to keep all the files in the drawer. Apart form sofa you can use executive office chair that will provide comfort for long hours. You can also manage your office space with small size of furniture. Do not compromise with designs if you have less pace there are lot of furniture items that can enhance your office look. Value Office Furniture can build an environment for your work space with modern office tables, desks,chairs and other furniture accessories etc.

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  3. You properly organized your office. I like the way you make your office attractive and comfortable for yourself. This reminds me of my home office when I started my business but instead of the sofa, I was using a high back chair which my friend suggest me to buy from They have a vast collection of furniture and too at affordable prices. To be honest, I also thought to use sofa instead of high back chairs.