Sunday, November 21, 2021

I've set up my recording studio

I posted in April 2020 about my dream to set up a recording studio and it took me one year to accomplish it. 

I said it would cost me RM2000 according to the video I posted, it was spot on except I had to add on more funds for a new laptop computer.

I didn't expect I'd actually set it up but I did! And I didn't mind that it is just a simple and basic studio: with just a condenser mic, audio interface, headphones and computer.

Compared to what I experienced during my trip to Seoul, it is a bare minimum but I am happy nonetheless. 

Here's the huge difference between the professional recording studio (with the recording room on the left) in Seoul and my mini home studio:

However, comparing what I have recorded in Seoul and at home, there is a huge difference too. The stint in Seoul was just a 2-hour visit and experience, and with my awful pronunciation of Korean, the song I recorded I wouldn't want to listen to it ever again. 

But with the time and constant recording and re-recording I am doing in my home studio, I am liking what I hear. 

Here's a recording if you'd like to hear what a mini home studio can produce. In case you are wondering, the accompaniment I used was purchased from Sovereign Grace Music.

So equipment is one thing, but time and effort is another. 


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