Friday, November 26, 2021

Slowly Letters

One of the reasons why I am back writing here in this blog is because I have revived my letter writing in the Slowly app, making me want to write more than just letters.

Slowly is an app that let you write letters to the other Slowly users and the interesting thing about the app is that the further the other person lives, the longer it takes for the letters to arrive, hence the name of the app, Slowly.

The farthest person that I am writing to lives in Puerto Rico and our letters take 49 hours to reach each other! I know...49 hours - that's more than 2 days! Why do that when a text message is just microseconds away?

That's the whole gist of it: going back to snail mail, albeit in a modern way. 

Think about it, when a letter takes 49 hours to reach the other person, you'd put more thought into the letter as you write it, wouldn't you?

I am also using it to practice my Korean and it is quite fun though very challenging, writing a letter entirely in Korean. But I did it and I'm glad to report that though I know it is not perfect, the recipient understood it without any problems. 

And with me being a collector of whatever stuff that interest me--I used to collected mugs and notebooks and cookbooks--I am now collecting Slowly stamps. They are digital but they are attractive.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Every country comes with its own stamp and here's the Malaysian one.

And of course I cannot not get this location-based stamp of the Nasi Lemak being Malaysia's National Dish.

This is my most favourite achievement stamp because I just like being a sloth sometimes LOL

And I got this to mark a special occasion: to move forward and to be happy again.

Other than the sloth, my other favourite animal is the owl and who can beat an owl on vocals?

I have collected a total of 82 stamps I can use to write Slowly letters with and 126 stamps if I include those that I have received.

Check out the app here if you'd like to try it out:


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