Wednesday, December 01, 2021

A most wonderful bowl of pokebowl

I practice intermittent fasting every day and I'm very comfortable with the arrangement of skipping breakfast--because I don't feel hungry anyway--then having a good lunch and taking dinner only when I feel like it.

And today is such a I-feel-like-it day. I did have a good catch-up lunch today with a colleague; good on both food and company. But when I got home after work, I felt like I needed dinner, and thought a bowl of pokebowl would be nice. 

I checked my Grabfood app on the nearest Fish Bowl outlet and found that they have a special deal on their Tofu bowl for only RM9.90.

I usually order the Salmon bowl but for RM9.90, tofu will do just fine. 

Even without the more flavourful raw salmon, the garlic sauce combination with walnuts, mango, Japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes with the rest of condiments, made my Tofu bowl a very delicious dinner. 



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