Friday, December 03, 2021

Live life slowly

I have posted a few days ago about writing Slowly letters. And now, my favourite word is? Slowly.

We always say, "Oh no! I can't believe it's December already! Time travels so fast!."

It does indeed, doesn't it?

Time is subjective. When you look forward it feels long but when you look back in time, it feels like it has just happened.

In other words, when you look forward for something to happen, it seems like it never will, but when it is does, it seems that it whizzed past you so quickly. 

Which bring us back to December. It came too fast for comfort.

And this is why I wanted to embrace the word "slowly". 

Do you think that all you have been doing is rush, rush, rush and rush? 

Do your days slowly.

Do you think that you've got so much to do you don't have enough time? 

Don't forget to enjoy your life slowly.

Savour life slowly, and bring joy back into your daily life...slowly.

I know you still gotta rush, but it slowly.



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