Thursday, December 02, 2021

Regaining the joy of work

I attended the APAC Strengths Coaches Community End-of-Year Gathering today and it was a good time to learn from the strengths experts as they share their experience and the latest insights from their research data.

What caught my attention was that well-being is now the new challenge, and from this slide, we can see how burnout has been now exacerbated because of the pandemic.

And when I showed this to one of my friends, whom I believe is experiencing burnout herself, she asked me a very good question: why do they talk so much about manager support but I don't see it coming?

A company will never be able to prevent their employees from burning out if their definitions of fairness, manageable workload, clear communication, manager support and reasonable time pressure differ from that of the employees'.

Until and unless we can all agree on what is fairness, how much workload can one take, how communication can be better, what kind of support does the employee need and how much time is needed, the employees will be burned out.

The expectations from the managers has been rising especially in these days of remote working because they fear that their people will not be productive otherwise. 

Managers, don't just talk about support and fairness, don't assume you are communicating well. Find time to talk to your people and find out what it takes for them to put in good work and still be satisfied from it all.

Help us regain the joy of work. Don't let us burn out.


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